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Warranties on Information

The information and instructions on this website do not represent any warranty, express or implied. They do not represent any implied promise or guarantee as to the prices, characteristics or suitability of the vehicles to the specific needs of their users. Although we believe its accuracy, the contents may contain errors or inaccuracies. We reserve the right to modify prices, manufacture and equipment, as well as lapses. With the possibility of occurrence of inaccuracies and / or changes, we always suggest direct and personalized contact with our organizations. As our ads are published by computer routine, all data need confirmation from the selling company. Since the information provided isn’t any proposal for a contract, but rather information available for information purposes only.


Product Change

Certain information, images and illustrations included on this website may have been prepared for general use, often using images, videos and files used in other countries. Therefore, certain information and / or accessories may not be available, or in certain situations, may only be available with different specifications or configurations to satisfy requests from local markets or control regulations in such countries.

The information presented on this website refers to models and products that often include special equipment that does not belong to standard equipment. In different countries, due to legal provisions, there may be deviations from the described variants and equipment. Please inquire with your dealer about the standard and optional equipment of a product. Subject to modifications of manufacture and equipment, as well as lapses.

If you are interested in any model, vehicle, with certain equipment, options or accessories, displayed on this site and are not sure of its availability or specification in Cape Verde, you should contact your local Caetano Retailer to obtain information on specific details in our country.

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